Dress Your Lips – Giambattista Valli for MAC

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www.astairwaytofashion.com MAC Giambattista Valli Collection, available in summer 2015

MAC announced another five stars collaboration for Summer 2015, together with designer, Giambattista Valli.

I’m very well known for dresses, no? And I thought it was very nice, the idea of dressing your lips,” Valli told Vogue.com. “For a creative person, collaborating can be frustrating because you feel that you’re limited or stuck within someone else’s ideas, but with MAC it was 100 per cent freedom and 100 per cent support just to make my idea become a reality, to pull out my flowers and my sense and my emotion and put it into the colour.”

The new beauty line contains a range of five lipsticks, with shades changing from pink to deep purple, packaged in matching cases and with a matt finish, ready to be out on shelves next summer.

The best thing about makeup…

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