How to: Bargain Shopping for Makeup!

Save money… and  get more makeup!
What to look for when shopping for makeup

I absolutely love shopping for makeup! Unfortunately my budget doesn’t allow me to shop as much as I’d like to, so I have made a point of looking for sales and specials!

I shop for makeup at Target a LOT! Sometimes people say they have trouble finding makeup on sale there, so here are my makeup shopping tips for Target!

1. First thing I do is look for shelf talkers, those are the little fluttery paper tags that stick up off of he shelf, they are usually red or yellow. Shelf talkers signify things that are currently on sale or clearance so that equals less money! Like any store, some of them keep up with these and change them out weekly (like they are supposed to) and some never even put them up, which leads to step number 2….

Retailers want you to see price reductions.
These yellow tags mean you are saving money!

2. Look for the clearance stickers! These are easy to spot but the discounts on them aren’t always great. Don’t settle for something just because it’s on sale. I make a rule of buying items with clearance stickers if they are 50% off or more. Otherwise, give it a week and there will be further price reductions. Also look for overlapping clearance stickers! This means they’ve been discounted more than once and you are getting a better price! Keep in mind that when you eye all colors in a brand on clearance, this could mean it is getting discontinued or repackaged (which translates to a long time before you find it again, IF you recognize it!) so stock up if you really love it.

When you see more than one color of a product on sale it could be getting discontinued!

Clearance stickers mean more makeup money :)

3. Look for empty sections and half full displays with clearance stickers. While it isn’t fun not being able to find exactly what you are looking for, when you see half full displays or lots of empty space in a section- get excited! Just like fashion, makeup companies change for each season and launch new collections. Certain colors might always stay but for example when Pantone launches the color of the year, Radiant Orchid, you’ll notice every company come out with their version of it. At the end of the year or season, all of of the orchid colored products will go on sale! When you see a whole section that is empty, check back the following week because not only does this mean they moved everything to the clearance section- it means you will probably get to see all kind of new fun stuff next week!

Not the color of the year? No problem!
Just because a color isn’t currently trendy doesn’t mean you won’t still love it!
No products, no problem!
Whenever you see large empty section with clearance tags on the shelves this means your will probably see something new from this brand very soon.
Dont fret! The older colors are on sale and new ones are on the way!
New colors are on the way!

4. Now that you’ve spotted the empty sections and the half full displays, you track down the cosmetics clearance section! It seems to be unique to each store and reminds me of the Room of Requirement from the Harry Potter books. It always appears when makeup collections launch but cannot be found every time. This time I found my clearance section on the end cap between shampoo and tooth paste. Never fear though, seek and you shall find!

Don't be a afraid to dig around to find your gem!
The ever-elusive clearance section may not always be there but when it is you can believe it will usually be barely organized!

5. When you find your clearance section, make sure to take your time going through everything. Sometimes things end up there that you may have passed over before because of the price, now is your chance it try with less risk. And never forget the bottom shelf!

Sometimes you just have to look down to find a gem!
Sometimes you just have to look down to find a gem!



Some of my favorite places to find beauty bargains:

Target (obviously!)

Rite Aid – subscribe to their email list because they have great cosmetics sales!

CVS- The extra care bucks are like cash for free makeup, no joke. I’ve paid $6 for $36 worth of makeup more than once!


Dollar Store- no joke! They carry name brands!

TJ Maxx- they carry amazing hair care brands like Pureology on sale too!


Nordstrom Rack




Hope you guys find some great beauty steals! Happy shopping 🙂

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