How to Depot Milani Baked Blushes & Swatches

How to: Depot Milani Baked Blushes
How to Depot your Milani Baked Blushes in 12 Easy Steps

Supplies Needed:

Self-stick magnet sheet- I like to cut them into the sizes I need rather than buying pre-cut magnets.

Small needle nose pliers- you will be using these to hold the blush over the open flame.

Tweezers- the kind you don’t mind getting full of sticky adhesive

A metal nail file- again, you will get it dirty and probably bent so make you can scrap it.

A votive or tea light candle- used to melt the plastic casing.

2 cotton rounds- one to wipe the adhesive, the other for placing your blush face down.

Permanent adhesive glue dots- to adhere to label back to the blush.

Rubbing alcohol- to remove the adhesive.

Good ventilation! The burned plastic smell is not cute :/

Step 1: Light your candle and then remove the label for you blush. Hold onto this label because we will use it again later.

Step 2: Break off the top and bottom casings of your blush. Scary, but you have to! Your blush will be okay! After you’ve broken the casings, the mirror will still be stuck to the bottom of the blush- don’t worry we will get that off in a jiffy. Use your pliers to heat up the mirror enough to soften the adhesive.

Step 3: After you have a nice scorch march on your mirror, use your tweezers to separate it from the blush.

Step 4: Once the mirror is off, use your pliers to heat the plastic that was hiding underneath the mirror. Be careful not to hold this too close to the flame because it can catch fire!

Step 5: Test the softness of the plastic with your nail file.

Step 6: When the plastic is soft enough you will be able to push it with your file and your blush will slide out easily. When it slides out, don’t touch it right away! It will be very warm. You can blow out your candle now.

Step 7: You can add alcohol to a cotton round and wipe the adhesive off the back of your blush.

Step 8: With the resin off your blush, place it face down onto your other cotton round so it won’t crack.

Step 9: Gather the label and your glue dots.

Step 10: Apply glue dots to your label, press it to the bottom of the blush. This saves you from having to make a new label.

Step 11: Cut a square from your magnet sheet that will fit to the bottom of your blush without covering the name and brand.  Peel the adhesive off and stick it over the label. If you don’t have adhesive magnets then just use another glue dot.

Step 12: Place your blush into a magnetic palette 🙂

Make your own blush palette!
Custom Palette

Also in case you were curious- here is a picture of my palette of deported blushes. They aren’t all Milani but I will provide swatches of all of the Milani blushes I currently own for reference at the bottom of the page. I like using Makeup Forever Magnetic Palettes for blushes because they provide so much space!

Milani Baked Blush
All of the Milani Baked Blush shades swatched for you.

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