Happy 2014!


This is my first makeup “look’ post so I wanted it to be special. A New Year is always a happy occasion!

I also want to provide alternatives for people who don’t work as a professional makeup artist or maybe aren’t old enough to get paychecks to blow on makeup. In my look posts, I will list the key products that I used to create the look. I will also offer substitutions for more affordable products (when I know of them) to make it more budget friendly to recreate a look. At the bottom of each post I will also include everything that I used in case there is something specific that you like 🙂

If you want to see the details on the products I used and a quick how-to on creating this look- keep reading 🙂

Here is your $75 or less budget-

  1. Smashbox Full Exposure Palette – This palette is key to creating this look.
  2. Milani 07 Fantastico Mauve Baked Powder Blush
  3. Milani Shadow Eyez 06 Royal Purple
  4. Any waterproof, ophthalmologist tested black kohl eyeliner.
  5. Some Amazing Setting Spray- I recommend Skindinavia Bridal Makeup Finish!

Here is what you buy if you have $100 to spend-

  1. All of the above items plus….
  2. Lorac LinerPro in Black
  3. Milani Dulce Caramelo Lipstick
  4. NYX Aqua Luxe Glam Lip Gloss in VIP



@smashbox StudioSkin 1.2 with wet @beautyblender and Halo Powder in Fair

@milanicosmetics blush in Fantastico Mauve.
Highlight is @maccosmetics Emphasize.
Contour is @maccosmetics Sculpt.
Spray your complexion with Skindinavia Bridal Makeup Finishing Spray in an X formation.
MAC Studded Brow Pencil
Amazing Cosmetics Brow Powder
Anastasia Clear Brow Gel
Prime your eyes with shadow primer. I used @toofaced Shadow Insurance.
Start with your purple @Milanicosmetics from lash to brow bone, pat S6 (from @smashboxcosmetics Full Exposure Palette) over your @milanicosmetics color.
Blend the remaining S6 on the brow one with M6 into and above the crease, focus M7 into the outer “v” of your crease.
Line your tight line and waterline with a waterproof, eye-safe black kohl liner.
Line your entire lower lash line with the purple @Milanicosmetics Shadow Eyes, wing the line upwards.
Use @loraccosmetics to wing out your top liner over the purple lower line creating an overlapping double-winged liner. Now line your lower lash line with the @loraccosmetics pro liner.
Highlight the inner corners of your eyes with Champagne Shadow Eyez from @milanicosmetics.
Set your inner corners with S4.
Now add mascara (any kind that adds length or definition- not volumizing, especially if you are wearing false lashes).
Attach your favorite @ardell_lashes (mine are Demi-wispy.)
Define with @nyxcosmetics Wonder Pencil.
Line with No Bleeding Lips.
Prime with MAC Prep+Prime Lip.
Fill with Milani 27 Dulce Caramelo Lipsticks.
Polish with @nyxcosmetics Aqua Luxe Glam Gloss in VIP.

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