EM by Michelle Phan


Right out of the box I loved the packaging of the EM product. I like that there was a cute typed note attached, even if it was just promotional. Details are important. 🙂

I ordered Ro’s Gold Intense Waterliner, the Life Palette- Beach, the mini customizable Life Palette and the life palette moment holiday life: new year’s countdown edition. Unfortunately due to some type of error I didn’t receive the New Year’s palette but I called EM and they said it will be sent out ASAP. At least I have another package to look forward to!

Ro’s Gold:

The Waterliner is packaged just like all other liners. It has a smudged end which also serves as a removable pencil sharpener. When I twisted the liner to extend it all the way- I was surprised to see only 2 inches (yes, I measured) of product. Once I looked at the package though, it made sense. Eyeliners for prestige brands seem to run around $19-$25. I think this is easier to swallow when you realize that it is a retractable liner so you don’t technically have to sharpen it. This color is phenomenal! I love rose gold tones in general and I love puns even more 😉 I hope it stays on the waterline like it says it will because the color and pigmentation is lovely.



The Life Palette:


The pretty packaging was well insulated with packing so everything arrived safely! The exterior packaging features a beach scene which serves to really create a cohesive vision of the beach theme.


My first impressions of the EM Life Palette:
Really solid.
This reminds me of my UNII palettes.
Awesome design. 
The lip glosses are small.

Upon seeing the empty mini palette I definitely thought again, “Okay this has to have been inspired by the UNII palettes in some way.” Then I saw the page of labels for the palette and thought “But this is way cooler because I didn’t have to make the labels for this palette!”


To give you an idea of the sizes inside the Life Palette-

the lip glosses and smaller eyeshadows are the size of a dime and the larger shadows are the size of a quarter.

For a new, unestablished brand it is a bit expensive, I was lucky enough to take advantage of the cyber Monday sale which is ultimately what sealed the deal on this purchase for me.

The Life Palettes are set into 4 distinct looks- each has a different color story but they all meld nicely in this Beach palette. I love that this palette also has coordinating videos for each color story and offers application ideas.

Look 1: Cabana Party


Look 2: Summer Getaway


Look 3: Sunshine Lover


Look 4: Poolside


This whole concept is great, being able to use the little tool (which I wish wasn’t so easy to lose) to pick your favorite colors out and bring them with you. The brush that comes with the palette is there merely for looks because I don’t foresee it being useful in the least. The size keeps it from being useful to pack on color, the stiffness keeps it from being able to blend, the angled end isn’t made well enough for anything except placing  powder line over an existing line. I just wonder what happens when you hit pan on a color you love. There doesn’t seem to be a “refill” section on EM. It seems like you may just have to buy a new palette. However the shadows are individually labeled with a mix of numbers and letters that reminds me of the Pantone Skin tone matching codes, which could also mean refill pans will be available in the future. Still, what happens when you love just one of the 4 looks from the life palette? Can I buy just one look? Still none of these concerns kept me from purchasing from EM 🙂






All things considered, there  are plenty colors to play with even though the sizes seem small and the empty mini-palette makes it so easy to bring the colors I’m wearing along. I think that the small pans may look smaller because of the way they are arrayed in the palette and whiteness of the palette. It gives the illusion of lots of negative space.

I’m concerned by the proximity of the blushes and shadows to the lip glosses, with fall out and whatnot but I think I may remove all the glosses and put them into the mini palette to keep them safe and dust free for now 🙂

There is a light, sugary scent to the glosses and they feel super lightweight- offering more of a color glaze that a true opaque lip or shiny gloss look.

I cannot wait to try the eyeshadows and blushes. I’m loving the texture of the blush, just from when I was swatching. I want to test this palette out on a work day to really test the staying power. I plan to add an edit to this post once I get some wear out of this palette!

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