Smashbox Fade to Black Collection: Shadow Liner

Shadow Liner- Blackest Black

I was so excited that there were some goodies left for me to get when I got off work early Friday morning! Truly a highlight to a very long night 🙂

I picked up some really amazing goodies, including a ceramic curling iron from Wigo for $19.99! AWESOME!

I was super excited that someone found this specific item in the back because I though we had sold out of the entire Fade to Black collection (also could e because I bought it all -HA!) I absolutely love these shadow liners. I never tried the Smashbox Shadow Liners prior to this year but before I used the Sephora brand- which is still a decent product! However one of the main difference I noticed in the Sephora shadow liners vs. Smashbox is that if I used loose shadows over the Sephora brand liners they tended to get splotchy on my lids by then end of a 10 hour day. There would be places where the loose shadow adhered very lightly or came off altogether. Also with the Sephora liners- I had to use extreme thin layers when using them as shadows bases because they would crease after 6-8 hours. I figured this was just the norm for Shadow Liner Pencils- then I tried Smashbox. I feel like I finally have a good guide for comparison now because the Smashbox Shadow Liners stay put, I can use them with loose or pressed shadows and the colors stay evenly distributed. When I tried the Chrome Smashbox Shadow Liner under one of the glimmer shadows from my Full Exposure palette, I even packed it on damp and it didn’t budge or crease. If you are ever in a rush and need a quick smokey eye or just some definition, you can use the liners completely alone without even shadow primer and they just stay put!!! This is why I was so thrilled to find this limited edition color. 🙂

Also here is a close up up my makeup after a 12-14 hours day using the Chrome Shadow Liner from Smashbox and that glimmer from the Full Exposure palette. You can see- no creasing- no loss of color. Looks just the way it did when I put in on 🙂

Also please forgive the picture quality- it was my iPhone snapshot.

Chrome SHadow Liner Under Full Exposure Palette

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